Dare we say that our wines are better than others? What we can attest to is the constantly growing appreciation for our production.

Of course, they do not look like any other wine, because they tell our story and that of the territory in which we breed grapes to produce them.

Let’s see together the main characteristics of Cantina PrimaVena wines.


Immediately the wines Cantina PrimaVena will reveal both on the nose and in the mouth a fresh acidity that is a natural dowry of the grapes of Oltrepò Pavese.

In fact, acidity is obtained naturally, that is we do not resort to early harvests that impoverish the aromas of grapes. In fact, the balanced acidity is mainly due to the natural ecosystem of the Oltrepò Pavese hills and the right exposure of the vineyards.

Our vineyards reach an altitude of 600 m. above sea level. m. and are very sunny, so they undergo a strong thermal excursion between day and night. The thermal excursion is a peculiarity necessary to have a genuine acidity.

Finally, fresh acidity is an essential element for our Traditional Method sparkling wines because it gives us the opportunity to refine them in the bottle even in addition to 150 months.


The second characteristic that distinguishes Cantina PrimaVena wines is frankness, because you will recognize the peculiarities typical of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

To have frank wines the grapes must be treated with respect both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Therefore, in the vineyard the soil is left covered with glass and we do not use plant protection products of harmful class that can compromise the integrity of the grapes. Then, to ensure excellent quality and typicality of the grapes, we browse the vine and expand the bunches.

Specifically, the yield for some wines is 65% and is very low. In short, less quantity = higher quality.

Finally, the grapes harvested at the right ripeness and the aging of the wines in the cellar in steel alone make the natural aroma of the grapes stand out and the uniqueness of the territory.


Delicate and difficult to raise Pinot Noir needs specific conditions to grow and express the innate elegance and here, in the hills of Oltrepò Pavese, he found them. In fact, the Oltrepò Pavese’s area offers an ideal environmental balance, because the Apennines and the “Marino” wind from Liguria protect Pinot Noir from violent storms, hailstorms, and dreaded mold.

In addition, the altitude and the special microhabitat allow a slow maturation of the berries and maintain an optimal level of acidity. To make the innate elegance and organoleptic qualities stand out, we produce in purity with very low dosages three sparkling wines: Reverso, Bibo, CL and a still wine: Tondo.

Cantina PrimaVena 100% Pinot Noir wines reflect the peculiarities of the vine and express the typicality of the territory. So, when you taste our wines you will recognize a common denominator that is fresh acidity, accompanied by bitter almond in sparkling wines and berries in still wines.

Decanter World Wine Awards 2022


Guida Bibenda 2022

I migliori vini d’Italia

Decanter World Wine Awards 2022



In the hills of Oltrepò Pavese, Chardonnay finds the ideal environment where to grow and make its natural qualities stand out.

In fact, Chardonnay thanks to the cool and dry climate of Oltrepò Pavese is not attacked by unwanted mold and spring frosts. This special microclimate derives from two natural elements, which are the natural shield of the Apennines and the “Marino” wind that blows from the Ligurian Sea.

Then, the altitude and terroir strengthen its fresh acidity and natural aromas. In addition, to give greater emphasis to the organoleptic qualities of Chardonnay we produce in purity two Traditional Method sparkling wines:  Bollabiòtt and Dumà Vin, and a still wine:  Giro.

Cantina PrimaVena wines express the typical Chardonnay with citrus notes and a marked freshness but with unique facets for each wine. In fact, it is biodiversity, the type of soil and the altitude of each particle combined with the work of man that determine the uniqueness of each wine.

Decanter World Wine Awards 2022


Vino bianco prodotto solo con uve Chardonnay. L’etichetta è un acquarello che raffigura la prima parte di un girotondo di bambini che si completa con la bottiglia di Tondo. Inoltre, la retro-etichetta è in braille così anche gli ipovedenti possono leggerla. L’affinamento è fatto in solo acciaio infatti i profumi sono freschi e sinceri.

Still wine


The decision to refine 2,000 bottles for more than 15 years was certainly a challenge with time, but the conditions were favorable. We had had a spectacular vintage in 2005 and Pinot Noir had the right organoleptic qualities to try. Of course, the risk was there but the satisfaction we have today of having a rare and unpublished Traditional Method Classico wine, is great.

CL is our Limited Edition: an extraordinarily fresh Traditional Method sparkling wine with unusual tertiary scents that derive from the aging in the bottle of over 150 months. CL is the result of years of dedication, therefore, to emphasize uniqueness and handmade, all the bottles have been manually numbered one by one.

Decanter World Wine Awards 2022


Guida Bibenda 2022

I migliori vini d’Italia


Wine is a live product sensitive to fearsome changes, so once you arrive you do not leave it exposed to high temperatures, because UV rays can compromise its structure and alter the aroma.

What’s more, our wine does not have any sulphites added to the disgorging, to guarantee excellent tolerability.

This makes it even more sensitive to thermal changes.

So, we advise you to rest our wines in a cool and dark place for at least 23 days.

The wine will thank you for these attentions proving to you its genuine goodness.